Tyler H. Chang

Argonne National Laboratory,
Mathematics and Computer Science Division

About Me:

I am currently a Postdoc @ Argonne.

Before that, I completed my PhD in Computer Science @ Virginia Tech.

I am passionate about open source software! I develop numerical software and algorithms at the interface of numerical optimization, approximation theory, and machine learning. View my publications on Google Scholar, and check out some of my software below or on GitHub.

Don't hesitate to reach out or connect at an upcoming event!

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May 2024: ParMOO ver. 0.4.0 is coming soon at GitHub! We have refactored custom embedding tools, improved our optimization algorithms, and are now using jax to propagate gradients and compile critical code sections!

Apr 2024: A preprint has been posted for our paper Leveraging Interpolation Models and Error Bounds for Verifiable Scientific Machine Learning and the corresponding code is available on the LLNL GitHub page (with A. Gillette and R. Maulik)

Mar 2024: Our Remark on Algorithm 1012 has been accepted for publication in ACM TOMS (with L. Watson, S. Leyffer, T. Lux, and H. Almohri)

Dec 2023: Presented paper An integrated multi-physics optimization framework for particle accelerator design at WSC 23 in San Antonio, TX

Aug 2023: Gave talk Data sampling for surrogate modeling and optimization at ICIAM 23 in Tokyo

Jul 2023: Gave LANS Seminar Toward interpretable machine learning via Delaunay interpolation at Argonne


Featured Software:

2023. ParMOO: Python library for parallel multiobjective simulation optimization
Release: 0.3.1
Devs: T. H. Chang (lead), S. M. Wild, and H. Dickinson
Primary Prog. Lang: Python 3

2020. DelaunaySparse: Interpolation via a sparse subset of the Delaunay triangulation
Devs: T. H. Chang (lead), T. C. H. Lux, and L. T. Watson
Primary Prog. Lang: Fortran 2003



Courses Taught

  • Jan 2022 - Present. Adjunct Professor, Intro to Python: College of DuPage, Dept. of Computer and Info. Science
    • Summer 2023. CIS 2531: Introduction to Python Programming (in-person)
    • Spring 2022. CIS 2531: Introduction to Python Programming (online)
  • Jan 2020 - May 2020. Instructor of Record, Data structures and algorithms: Virginia Tech, Dept. of Computer Science
    • Spring 2020. CS 3114: Data Structures and Algorithms (half in-person, half online)

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